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Migrants Flock to New Zealand as Jobs Open Up

Looking to emigrate to New Zealand? Now is the best time! New Zealand has a serious shortage of skilled workers. The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and they are in desperate need of workers to fill open vacancies.  As the New Zealand border opened up, so have opportunities for recruiters and employers to fill these positions with migrants. Read more about the opportunities available

Good news: New Zealand and Australia are open!

We have good news for those looking to immigrate to New Zealand or Australia. After a long lockdown and pandemic restrictions, both countries have opened their borders to international travellers. Although there are certain restrictions still in place, this is hope for those looking to start a new life in New Zealand or Australia. Here is what you need to know when planning your migration to either country. When does

Migrate To “safe” New Zealand In 2022

Immigrate to New Zealand in 2022 as the border starts to reopen. The country was considered one of the safest in the developing world since the Covid pandemic, with low Covid cases and deaths. New Zealand has recently announced an earlier reopening of its borders than expected. It plans on welcoming everyone back from October, but other residents and visa holders could possibly get there sooner. If you are planning