Execucorp Education International

Execucorp Education International
Mission Statement

To facilitate the process for students who wish to study abroad at a reputable tertiary institution offering an internationally recognised qualification. Studying abroad is an involved process and a significant financial investment. When it comes to identifying the most appropriate course of study, career path, country of destination and future visa opportunities, you will require expert counselling to match your aspirations. Our goal is to provide you with the widest range of opportunities with a number of highly reputable educational institutions experienced in the handling of international students.

The welfare of the student is of utmost importance and when approached as a carefully planned, managed process, your international education path is assured. With careful guidance and the personal support of our education counselling team, we offer you peace of mind that your enrolment application and visa processes will run smoothly. More importantly, ExecuCorp Education International does not charge you a fee for obtaining admission to an overseas educational institution.

Advising migrants since 1987 – Tri Nations Migration

For more information on on how to immigrate to New Zealand or Australia or even to apply for an Australian Visa or New Zealand Visa, contact us.