Migrants Flock to New Zealand as Jobs Open Up

Looking to emigrate to New Zealand? Now is the best time! New Zealand has a serious shortage of skilled workers. The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and they are in desperate need of workers to fill open vacancies. 

As the New Zealand border opened up, so have opportunities for recruiters and employers to fill these positions with migrants. Read more about the opportunities available for you in this blog.

Reasons for Skill Shortages in New Zealand

New Zealand has a skill shortage due to a lot of factors, including

  • At the moment there isn’t enough workers with the right skills needed for the job
  • Turnover is high as employees take on new positions with higher pay
  • The general labour shortage in New Zealand due to low unemployment levels

Skills That New Zealand’s Government is Looking For

The New Zealand government encourages migrates with skills in these industries:

  • Arts and Media Hospitality
  • Tourism and Recreation 
  • Infrastructure Business Health and Community 
  • IT and Telecommunications 
  • Education and Social Sciences 
  • Engineering Transport and Logistics
  • Science Animal Care and Conservation
  • Manufacturing Finance and Property

Should You Emigrate to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful area to live and work in. Apart from the high salaries due to the skill shortages, it is one of the safest countries in the world. If you have the skill needed or work in these sectors, now is the time to send your applications to employers so that you can migrate to New Zealand. You will need to move fast to find a suitable position as there are a lot of applicants wanting to move to the beautiful country. It’s best to get a professional emigration consultant to help you to sort your paperwork and emigration process.

Contact Tri-Nations Migration if you are looking to emigrate to New Zealand!

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