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Immigration Adviser Services

The Tri-Nations Migration team are the best immigration advisers to provide you with assistance when emigrating to New Zealand or Australia. If you are looking to Immigrate to New Zealand or Australia, or apply for an Australia visa or New Zealand Visa we can assist you.

Registered with the Migration Agents Authority in Australia

Migration agent Australia

Christopher John Tunbridge
Licence number: 1680759

Licensed by the Immigration Advisory Authority in New Zealand

Migration agent New Zealand

Christopher John Tunbridge
Licence number: 201000877

Why choose Tri-Nations Migration?

Tri-Nations Migration may best be described as a “boutique” immigration consultancy, led by company founder and Managing Director; Chris Tunbridge. The company’s goal is to provide clients with a level of personal service and attention that is exemplified by having a caring manner and genuine interest in people.

Immigration Adviser Services with A Keen Sense of Responsibility

We enjoy our role in helping people move to Australia and New Zealand. Our work is our passion. We find it extremely satisfying being able to assist our clients’ through the so-called “minefield” of the immigration process. Few jobs have such a profound impact on another person’s life and so we view our role in this process with a high degree of responsibility. When you enlist our services to help you move to Australia or New Zealand, you are placing the future of your family in our hands. You may be assured that we view this responsibility most seriously and that we will give of our very best to you.

We are Knowledgeable and Experienced

It is never easy to determine if you are eligible to immigrate to another country, given the complexity of all the rules and regulations. Rather than try to be “all things to all people”, we have focussed our energy on assisting people move to one part of the world only – Australia and New Zealand. Consequently, we have acquired specialist market knowledge and expertise over the past twenty-five years, helping many thousands of people from around the world to successfully immigrate to Australia and New Zealand.

Strong Success Orientation

The successful outcome of your immigration application for Australia or New Zealand residence is determined at the outset, after assessing your eligibility to emigrate and inviting you to become a Tri-Nations Migration client. The emotional upheaval of emigration is significant and so you may be assured that we will only accept an application from a prospective client whom we believe is eligible to meet the minimum criteria for gaining Australian or New Zealand residence.

Our systems and procedures assist you to collate the necessary supporting documentation to enable us to lodge a successful residence application in the shortest possible timeframe. Although the process for Australia may take 9-18 months, we have had residence applications lodged and approved by Immigration New Zealand within 4-6 weeks of receipt but the average timeframe is 3-6 months. Most importantly, our company’s well honed processes and procedures ensure that our clients’ visa applications are facilitated to ensure a timely outcome.

Results driven performance guarantee

We will only agree to act on a client’s behalf, with whom we assess as eligible to meet the minimum criteria for lodging a successful Australian Visa or New Zealand visa application. In other words, we will never advise a prospective client on the basis that “we think you have a good chance, let’s give it a shot!” A Tri-Nations Migration client must know that once we commence the emigration process on their behalf, it will only be a matter of time before their visa is approved. In the unlikely event that an incorrect assessment is made, we will offer a full refund of the Tri-Nations Migration fee on the premise that we should never have started the process in the first instance. This is our ‘money back guarantee’ offer to you providing you ‘peace of mind’ that you have made the right decision to retain our company’s services.

Post-Migration Assistance

We provide a personalised job search service for our clients, designed to enhance their prospects of finding employment in Australia and New Zealand. This includes CV/Resume preparation (according to acceptable country norms), a personal letter of introduction, and assistance with preparing for the interview process. For relocating businesses or new business start-ups, we advise on company registration, franchising opportunities and businesses for sale. Additional support structures include opening a bank account, registering for a tax number (especially important for job search purposes), choosing a container company, selling a property and moving your funds and retirement annuities off-shore.

Advising migrants since 1987 – Tri Nations Migration

For more information on on how to immigrate to New Zealand or Australia or even to apply for an Australian Visa or New Zealand Visa, contact us.