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Immigration To Australia

Australia is not only a beautiful country, but it also has many key facts that you should take a look at when considering Australia Immigration.

Australia Key Facts:

You may be surprised to learn that Australia:

  • Is the sixth largest Country in the world, similar in size to the USA.
  • Has a population of 22 Million people.
  • Ethnicity is a predominantly European, multi-cultural society.
  • Climate ranges from Temperate and Mediterranean to Tropical.
  • Daylight saving is observed in some States only during Summer months.

Australia’s Economy is:

  • Historically one of the strongest economies in the world.
  • Open and innovative.
  • Has had an inflation rate of 2-3.7% over the past decade.
  • Annual Average salary – $90,000
  • Tax rates – PAYE $4,200 + 30c for each $1.00 over $34,000 for salaries up to $80,000
  • Has an unemployment rate of 5.1%
  • Has averaged greater than 3% economic growth over 17 years.
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Australia’s Education System:

  • Children must attend school from the ages of 5 – 6 years and up to 15 – 17 years, depending on the State.
  • Government provides free education in public schools.
Tea Tree Beach Noosa national park Queensland Australia

Australia’s Health System:

  • Government provides help through Medicare Australia.
  • Employees charged a Medicare Levy on their salary of 1.5%.
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Business Investment:

  • A multicultural, classless society.
  • Is laidback, ordered and relatively stress free.
  • Has laws for everything and all are taken seriously.
  • Stable, democratic system of Government where everybody is entitled to “a fair go”.
  • Is based around beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters, ancient rock formations and pristine rainforests.
  • Is based on a love for the great outdoors.
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Australia’s Employment Situation:

  • New job creation remains strong especially in the mining industry.
  • Competitive labour market.
  • Adheres to Equal employment laws guaranteeing fairness in the workplace.

Australia Immigration is a scary thought for someone that does not know where to even start, contact us and we will assist with any questions you may have.

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