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Tri-Nations Migration is an immigration agency in New Zealand, led by an experienced and licensed New Zealand immigration adviser, Chris Tunbridge. Our immigration services are aimed at assisting people get Visas to move to New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. As experienced migration consultants, we provide comprehensive services to guide our clients through the entire immigration process, ensuring a smooth transition to their desired destination.

Our Mission & Vision for New Zealand or Australia Immigration

The Asia Pacific basin stands as the epicentre of significant global growth in this century. Geographically well-positioned, Australia and New Zealand are poised to harness this growth, fostering economic prosperity. Both countries actively encourage targeted migration due to declining natural population growth. Recognizing immigration as pivotal, their governments focus on skilled, business, and investor migrants as the cornerstone for future prosperity.

This strategic immigration drives economic and population growth, leveraging financial and human capital. By helping our clients settle in safe, developed countries with advanced infrastructure, we contribute to the region’s prosperity while securing their family’s future and bolstering Australia and New Zealand’s economies. Join us in realising your aspirations for a better future.

    Relocate to Australia & New Zealand with Tri-Nations Migration!

    Tri-Nations Migration specialises in seamless relocation to Australia and New Zealand. Our experts assist with personalised solutions for a better life, new career paths, or a fresh start. Contact us today for New Zealand and Australian immigration services.

    Emigrating, relocating / immigration or studying in
    Australia and New Zealand

    Immigration to New Zealand or Australia

    • Have you considered immigrating to Australia or New Zealand?
    • Do you qualify for migration to these countries?
    • Are you familiar with the benefits of migrating Downunder?
    • Let us explain the opportunities of emigrating to you.

    Studying in New Zealand or Australia

    • Would you like to work and study abroad?
    • Do you want a qualification that can lead to permanent residence?
    • Have you decided on your course of study?
    • Let us give you free advice on how to study abroad.

    Relocating to New Zealand or Australia

    • Do you know the 20 steps to selling your property and getting the best price?
    • Do you want to know how to take the stress out of your international move?
    • Do you want to know how to access your retirement annuities and transfer your funds off-shore?
    • Let us introduce you to the market leaders for peace of mind.

    If you’re considering moving to New Zealand, Australia, or Canada, we are your trusted immigration agency in New Zealand. Contact us today to speak with New Zealand immigration experts.

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