Good news: New Zealand and Australia are open!

We have good news for those looking to immigrate to New Zealand or Australia. After a long lockdown and pandemic restrictions, both countries have opened their borders to international travellers. Although there are certain restrictions still in place, this is hope for those looking to start a new life in New Zealand or Australia. Here is what you need to know when planning your migration to either country.

When does New Zealand open its borders?

Beautiful New Zealand started to open up its borders earlier than expected due to low COVID-19 rates. The country saw one of the lowest death rates in the world and after government intervention, most citizens remain safe from the effects of the pandemic. 

From 2 May, vaccinated tourists from New Zealand’s list of visa-waiver countries will be accepted into the country. Other countries can start to enter the country in October as visa approvals will gradually start to be processed. Travellers will have to take a pre-departure Covid test which is required 48 hours before departure and provide their proof of vaccination status.

When does Australia open its borders?

Australia has already started opening its borders for vaccinated travellers and will soon start to approve visas for those around the world. The country is notorious for its lengthy lockdown period which lasted over 2 years but saved many lives and kept their senior citizens safe. 

As of 21 February, vaccinated travellers can enter the country with Covid rules varying depending on each region. Travellers will require a copy of their vaccination certificate, including boosters, and a pre-departure Covid test at least 24 hours before departure.

How to migrate to Australia and New Zealand

If you want to immigrate to Australia or New Zealand, the time to start your visa process is now. With both countries opening up their borders (and being as safe as it is) there is sure to be an influx of travellers and individuals wanting to start their lives in the country. You need a visa to relocate to Australia and New Zealand – you can get a student or work visa, or a visa if you have family abroad but it’s essential to check the visa rules with the government involved. 

If you require assistance, a migration advisor can help you to get your documents ready. Tri-Nations migrations are the experts when it comes to immigration. We have years of experience helping clients relocate to Australia and New Zealand and start their new lives. 

If you want to immigrate to New Zealand or Australia, give us a call today!

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