These are the skills in highest demand for immigrating to New Zealand

Thinking of immigrating to New Zealand? However, you have always been disappointed as a result of the skills level criteria? The new ANZSCO changes may play in your favour. The new version of ANZSCO (effective from mid-2020) will now make low-skilled occupations eligible for immigration to New Zealand.

New Zealand has always welcomed people with skills. However, some skills are more sought after than others. New Zealand’s economy is strong and growth trends show that a variety of skilled professionals will be able to not only secure a job but potentially earn more than in SA. The skills most needed in the country fall under the Long Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL). This list includes:  

  • Engineering
  • Finance/Business
  • Health/Social Services
  • ITC & Electronics
  • Recreation, Hospitality & Tourism
  • Science & Trades

If your job is on the skills shortage list it means that the government has acknowledged that there aren’t enough New Zealanders qualified for the position so they will have to recruit skilled applicants from overseas.

A few things you might not know about immigrating to New Zealand

Besides having the right qualification, you also need to make sure you meet the minimum income threshold. South Africans looking to immigrate to New Zealand must earn a certain minimum income.

Wanting to immigrate to New Zealand with the family, but you’re wondering whether the South African education system is compatible with that of New Zealand? It is! Both New Zealand and SA share the same three-tier education system. 

New Zealand is an exceptional lifestyle destination, and we are here to make it happen for you. If you’re planning on immigrating to New Zealand and need assistance with your New Zealand immigration contact Tri-Nations Migration today. 

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