Start Your New Zealand Journey As Borders Reopen

Looking to immigrate to New Zealand? You may finally be able to restart your journey. The Covid-19 pandemic saw the country enforcing strict border controls for the past two years but now, thanks to its “safe” status, borders will be reopening earlier than anticipated. Although the borders will open first for tourists, visitors and residents, they will soon after open for those looking to immigrate from around the world. Read more information below.

New Zealand Welcomes The World Back

As the pandemic slows down, New Zealand is ready to welcome the world back and provide a safe place for tourists. Most vaccinated individuals can visit the country without the need to undergo quarantine. New Zealand is welcoming travelers from May 1. No quarantine is needed upon arrival for double-vaccinated people entering the country.

Are You Eligible To Move To New Zealand?

With over 95% of the population double vaccinated, New Zealand has had one of the lowest Covid-19 related death rates in the world. Due to low cases, and a booming economy, New Zealand is an attractive option for prospective migrants. If you are looking to immigrate and meet immigration and health requirements, this is a good time for you to get your documents ready.

The country is starting to process resident visas that were received from 2020, as well as opening to those looking to find employment. New Zealand work Visa applications start reopening from 13 March. 

You are eligible to apply for a working visa if you are a critical worker or highly-skilled worker that earns at least 1.5 times the median wage. The median wage is NZD 40.50 an hour. 

Non-visa waiver will have a long wait to enter the country as a visitor but this could be sooner than expected. The news is exciting for Tri-Nations Migration as we look forward to helping our clients to start (or restart) their immigration journey to New Zealand journey. 

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