Do This After Receiving Permanent Residency: Australia

Congratulations on receiving your permanent residency in Australia with the help and assistance of Tri-Nations Migration registered migration agents. It’s a significant milestone and opens up a world of opportunities. As a permanent resident, you are entitled to a range of benefits and it’s crucial to make the most of them. Here are some things you can do after receiving your permanent residency in Australia.

Get a Job Anywhere in Australia

One of the significant advantages of being a permanent resident is that you have unlimited working rights in Australia. You can work for any employer in any industry, without the need for sponsorship or a work visa. You can also work full-time, part-time, or casually, and you’ll be entitled to the same workplace rights and protections as Australian citizens.

To get a job in Australia, you’ll need to have a valid visa, for example a permanent residency visa. Employers may also require you to have relevant qualifications and work experience. However, with the right guidance and job search assistance from Tri-Nations Migration, finding a job in Australia will be relatively easy.

Have Access to Social Security Benefits

As a permanent resident in Australia, you are also entitled to access social security benefits such as healthcare, education, and welfare. You can also apply for a Medicare card, which gives you access to Australia’s public healthcare system. With a Medicare card, you can receive free or subsidised medical treatment, including hospital care, doctor visits, and prescription medication.

Don’t worry if you’re unemployed or experiencing financial hardship as you can apply for welfare benefits, such as income support which is offered by the Australian government. Permanent residents can also access education and training programs, including vocational training and university courses, to further their career prospects.

Start Your Own Business

Are you an entrepreneur or have a business idea? Becoming a permanent resident in Australia opens up opportunities to start your own business. As a permanent resident, you can establish a business in any industry and apply for business loans and grants from the government.

Starting a business in Australia can be a complex process. You will need to have a solid business plan, relevant qualifications, and experience which the Tri-Nation Migration team can also help with, including networking with the right business partners in Australia. 

Purchase Property

Now that you’re a permanent resident in Australia, you’re also eligible to purchase property, including residential and commercial properties. You can also apply for a home loan from banks and financial institutions. The country has beautiful homes and purchasing a property can be a significant investment and an excellent way to secure your future.

To purchase property, you’ll need to have a valid permanent residency visa and show evidence of your income and financial stability. You may also need to pay stamp duty and other fees, depending on the state or territory where you’re buying the property.

Receiving permanent residency in Australia is an official document that grants you a range of benefits and privileges. With these opportunities, you can establish yourself in Australia and build a prosperous life for yourself and your family. 

If you’re interested in citizenship applications, permanent residency and an Australian visa are essential steps toward achieving that goal. Contact the Tri-Nations Migration team who can help you receive permanent residency in Australia.

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