Our Guide to the Current Visa Costs for Australian Migration

If you are considering immigrating to Australia, you will undoubtedly be researching the different avenues available, paying special attention to the many different requirements and the various costs associated. Here is a basic overview of what to budget for when it comes to skilled migrations, business or investor migrations, and family migrations

Skilled Migration 

If you apply for employer sponsored migration, whether it is an Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (subclass 186) or a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (subclass 187), your base application charge will be AUD4 045-00, with additional charges amounting to AUD2 025-00 for your partner and AUD 1,330.00 per child. Other possible skilled migration visas for those interested in immigrating to Australia include the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) and a Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190), both of which cost AUD4 045-00 in base application fees and just over AUD2 000-00 in additional charges. 

Business or Investor Migration 

If you plan to go to Australia as a skilled entrepreneur, your Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) Visa (subclass 188) Entrepreneur Stream will set you back AUD4 045-00 and AUD2 025-00 in additional charges. A Business Talent Visa (Permanent) (subclass 132) is more expensive at AUD7 855-00, plus a further AUD3 930-00.

Family Migration 

A Partner Visa, both provisional and migrant (subclass 309 100), currently costs a base fee of AUD7 715-00 and AUD3 860-00 in additional charges. A Child Visa (subclass 101) costs AUD2 665-00 and an extra AUD1 330-00.

Keep in mind that the application fees vary according to whether the applicant is currently residing inside or outside of Australia. Also, keep in mind that the fees are known to fluctuate on a regular basis. This means that what these visas cost right now may not be the same in a few months’ time. Luckily, your agent at Tri-Nations Migration will keep you posted in terms of any updates or changes. 

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