New Zealand immigration is set to boom

Thanks to the lowest unemployment figures in the country’s history, New Zealand immigration could very well be about to explode. It is the perfect time for South Africans who have been waiting for the right opportunity to live and work in the country to start their application processes.

Immigration is driven by skills shortages

New Zealand has just recorded its lowest unemployment figures ever. Currently, only 3,1% of the country’s employable population is without work. Compare this to South Africa’s unemployment rate, which is ten times that number. 

Other indicators in the labour market are consistent with the drop in unemployment which has taken place since before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are fewer people receiving benefits and more job vacancies being advertised. With more vacancies and increasing labour shortages, the market is tipped in favour of job seekers – both local and foreign. 

As the skills shortages increase and the government opens the country’s borders, employers in New Zealand will become increasingly receptive to applicants from other countries. For South Africans hoping to make a move to New Zealand, this means that their chances of making a successful application have never been better. If you have not yet started your application process, now is definitely the time!

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