Does New Zealand Only Accept People on The Green List?

When South Africans are considering moving to New Zealand, they usually come up against the question of the Green List. There is a fair amount of uncertainty as to what New Zealand’s Green List actually means, and how it works. What is the Green List? What happens to your dreams of moving to the country if you are not on that list? 

What Is The Green List?

The Green List specifies a limited number of highly skilled occupations that are in high demand and short supply in New Zealand. It clearly maps out the country’s skills gaps so that highly skilled migrants can see if they fit in – and where. It makes it easier for New Zealand businesses to hire and attract migrants for these positions. Since these roles are in such high demand, migrants who are able to fill them will find themselves on a fast track to residency and ultimately, citizenship, should they choose to pursue that path. Currently, there are 85 roles on the Green List, divided into five categories:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Health and social services
  • Primary industries and science
  • ICT, electronics and telecommunications

Can You Still Emigrate To New Zealand If You Are Not On The Green List?

If your role or career designation is not on the Green List, this is not a reason to give up on your dreams of emigrating. New Zealand employers will still be able to hire migrants for roles that do not appear on the Green List. The Green List streamlines the process for those individuals who are able to fill the listed roles, but skilled migrants who work in other fields are still eligible to enter the country. There are other ways to gain residency in New Zealand too, such as the Skilled Migrant Visa category

If you are a skilled professional, but your role does not appear on the Green List, you should still speak to an emigration consultant about the possibility of moving to New Zealand. Tri-Nations Migrations specialises in assisting South Africans with immigration advice services to help those who are looking to move to Australia or New Zealand. Our systems and procedures assist you in collating the necessary supporting documentation to enable us to lodge a successful residence application in the shortest possible time frame. If you believe you have what it takes to qualify for a New Zealand work visa, even if you are not on the Green List, book a consultation with us today.