The Top 5 Australian Industries Seeking Migrants

Australian companies are still targeting migrants for employment. If you’re considering emigrating to Australia, you can now obtain employment in top industries. According to Lightcast, an online job monitoring service, Australian firms are focusing their recruitment efforts on five primary industries in particular. Find out the sectors seeking migrants in this blog.

Information Technology

With a growing demand for IT skills, Australian firms are keen to recruit talented Kiwi IT professionals. The IT industry offers excellent salaries, career development opportunities, and a chance to work with cutting-edge technologies. Due to the close proximity of South Africa to Australia, IT professionals can also relocate without disrupting their lives significantly.


The construction industry in Australia is booming. The Australian government invests heavily in infrastructure, which leads to an increase in construction projects. As a result, there are not enough skilled workers to fill the demand. The industry, therefore, creates an excellent opportunity for construction workers seeking opportunities in Australia. 


The healthcare sector in Australia is also experiencing a significant skills shortage, which has led to increased demand for migrant healthcare workers. With a similar healthcare system and qualifications, we can help migrant healthcare professionals to transfer their skills and qualifications to the Australian healthcare system.

Professional Services

The professional services industry in Australia includes accountants, lawyers, and consultants. These industries have experienced increased growth in recent years, which has led to a shortage of skilled workers. Migrant professionals in these industries are highly sought after because of their South African experience, and qualifications.


Australia is a popular destination for international students. The Australian government invests heavily in education, which leads to an increase in job opportunities for migrant teachers.

Emigrate to Australia

As the Australian economy continues to grow, these industries will continue to experience skills shortages, providing excellent opportunities for migrant workers. If you are a prospective migrant, Tri-Nations migration can help you to access opportunities and to receive your Australian work visa. 

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