ANZSCO Changes: New Low-Skilled Occupations Are Now Eligible for Immigration to New Zealand

If you have recently looked into immigrating to New Zealand only to be disappointed by your findings, the new ANZSCO changes may play in your favour. Effective from mid 2020, the new version of ANZSCO will make new low-skilled occupations eligible for immigration to New Zealand. Here is what you need to know in terms of your application. 

What the ANZSCO Changes Mean for You

Certain low skilled jobs have recently been reclassified. However, until the new version of ANZSCO comes into effect, New Zealand will continue using the previous version. Having said that, the previous version will not be applied to every occupation. Your occupation will automatically be treated as if it were skill level three if it is found on the list of exceptions. Currently, these exceptions include child care workers, beauty therapists, teachers’ aides, tour guides, and travel consultants, to name a few. 

It is all relatively confusing, but the long and short of it all is that from the middle of 2020, the New Zealand government will begin to use the level of pay attached to a specific occupation to determine the official ‘skill level’. This new approach will be put into place when dealing with all future visa applications.

Ultimately, this is great news for those who have been classified as having ‘low-skilled’ occupations. It means that it will be less of a struggle for such individuals to meet the criteria to apply for a residents visa and, hopefully, obtain permanent residency in New Zealand as a result. 

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