Will My Child Have the Best Education by Immigrating to New Zealand?

Many people who choose to immigrate to New Zealand do so with the intention of giving their children the very best education possible. In this blog post, we provide a bit of information about the fantastic school system in New Zealand.

  • Types of Schools

There are three different types of schools in New Zealand – public or state schools, state-integrated schools (which could include special character faith-based schools and private schools).

In New Zealand, the school year begins in late January and ends in December. It is divided into four terms of about ten weeks each, with two weeks of holiday between each term and six weeks of holiday in December and January.

A child begins schools when they are five years old and finish when they are about 18 years old. This process is divided by year levels from Year 0 to Year 13. Primary school is from years 0 to 6, intermediate school is from years 7 to 8 and high school is from years 9 to 13. Some schools in New Zealand are only primary, intermediate or high schools, while others offer all the grades and allow students to complete their education at one school.

Schools in New Zealand usually have between 100 students and 2 000 students. The education system in New Zealand is ranked #1 in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit for providing future-skills education for its youth. Not only is the education system modern, responsive and world-class, but your children will be able to move onto one of the many leading tertiary education institutions upon completing high school.
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