Why It Is The Perfect Time To Emigrate To New Zealand Or Australia

Due to COVID-19, travel between borders has been restricted for quite some time now. If you have been thinking about immigrating to New Zealand or Australia, then now is the perfect time to start on your emigration application. In May, “New Zealand eased lockdown to allow businesses to resume and the economy to start moving. The decision was taken after the spread of the virus slowed down in the country.” New Zealand has moved to alert level 1 and this is fantastic news for anyone who wants to emigrate  to New Zealand. Alert level 1 means that New Zealand is starting to ease its border restrictions as things slowly return to normal.

Why You Should Emigrate  To New Zealand 

Since restrictions are being eased, here are some of the reasons to emigrate to New Zealand:

  • The climate is a temperate and subtropical Mediterranean climate
  • The country was voted the most socially advanced country in the world out of 130 countries based on 54 indicators of social progress
  • The country tops the world on indicators of personal rights and freedoms
  • The country was voted the 3rd most peaceful country in the world after Iceland and Denmark
  • They have a friendly business environment
  • They have beautiful landscapes
  • They have a multicultural society 

How To Emigrate To New Zealand 

If you want to emigrate to New Zealand, the application process usually takes about 12 months (1 year). For example, if you want to be living in New Zealand or Australia around this time next year, then you need to start building the foundations of your residence application now. This will also help you to get a head start when other restrictions are lifted. If you want to be in the front of the line to apply, then don’t waste any time now.

Remember, before you emigrate to New Zealand, you need all the information you can get. If you think you need more advice and information then contact Tri-Nations Migration – a boutique immigration consultancy that focuses on clients who want to emigrate to New Zealand and Australia.

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