What’s the New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa All About?

Immigrating to Australia has always been a great lifestyle and career move for many young professionals looking to make their home in a safe environment with plenty of opportunities for growth. This has resulted in many people moving away from their home country and leaving their parents and grandparents behind.

In an effort to make it easier for these family members to visit their children who have immigrated to Australia, the Australian government has created a temporary sponsored parent visa, which will allow for longer visits without putting an additional burden on the Australian tax-paying citizenry. 

How Does It Work?

  • If one is a biological, adoptive or step-parent or grandparent of a child that is an Australian Citizen, then they may be eligible for the temporary sponsored parent visa. 
  • This visa will cost $5 000 for a three year period or $10 000 for a five-year period.
  • The parent must be sponsored by their child, the child must have proof of income and the financial ability to sponsor the parent as this is a “no work” visa, meaning the parent is not allowed to hold a job in this time.
  • Despite the “no work” condition, the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa does allow for a grandparent to provide care for their grandchildren during their stay.
  • With the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa, there is no Balance of Family test meaning that it is not a requirement for the applicant to have more than half their children living in Australia.

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