What kind of employee qualities are New Zealand employers looking for?

If you are seeking to immigrate to New Zealand, you are going to need a job. The qualities New Zealand employers look for vary by individual. Employers are looking for many different qualities in job seekers. Once you have been assessed as being eligle to apply for a visa, which traits are most important? Find out here, along with common questions employers ask.

Get the job done

Employers look for candidates that are driven and have the passion to perform duties at their optimal best. Candidates need to demonstrate that they can handle the workload without issues arising.

Committed staff

Whether it’s an employee’s first job or they’re a veteran, they need to be committed to their job and show that they will be there for the long haul. New Zealand employers invest their businesses’ time and money into employees when they hire immigrants and in return, they need to be assured that they are a valuable asset to the company and will not let the company down.

Indispensable problem solvers

Problem-solving is one of the most sought-after soft skills during the application process. An employee should prove that he/she can solve any problem that is thrown their way. 

Reliability and loyalty 

New Zealand businesses require migrants to be reliable and loyal, not just to the company they want to work in, but to the country. Employers must prove to be committed to their jobs and commit no criminal activities.

Good social skills

Good social skills are essential to anyone looking to work in New Zealand. Friendly people with good interpersonal skills will adapt quickly. Employees need to be able to make a personal connection with colleagues and customers. 

English – verbal and written 

Along with specialist skills, English is an important skill that candidates need to have to socialise and communicate with locals. Anyone seeking to live or work in New Zealand should be able to read and write English at a professional level. 

Computer skills

Candidates are often required to have good technical skills to work in New Zealand. If you don’t have the necessary skill or if you need to update your skills, you may want to consider education providers with digital courses. 

Immigrating to New Zealand doesn’t have to be difficult. The Tri-Nations Migration team knows what qualities New Zealand employers look for and are the best immigration advisers to help you when emigrating to New Zealand. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you immigrate to New Zealand.

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