What Is the Best Age to Immigrate to Australia Or New Zealand?

Immigrating to a new country is a big decision. Not only does it have many financial and personal implications for you, but it affects your friends and family members in many ways as well.

Many people see immigration as a way to ‘start over’. But, what is the right age to do this? If you have already built a life and career for yourself, and accumulated assets, is it a wise decision if you are over a certain age?

If you are young, you will likely be eligible for more types of visas. You will also have the luxury of being able to decide whether your immigration will only be for a fixed number of years or if you will be moving to New Zealand or Australia indefinitely.

As you become older, you will have to consider how your children will be impacted by the move and whether you will be able to work in your field of work in the new country. You will also need to sit and crunch a few numbers to determine whether it would be:

  • Financially feasible,
  • What your cost of living will be, and
  • The difference in property prices in your chosen country.

Some visa options have a cut off at age 45, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other avenues to explore if you are looking to immigrate after this age. Factors such as:

  • Your financial situation,
  • Your family situation, and
  • Your health will all contribute to your eligibility to immigrate.

A good idea is to join expat forums and gain insights from people who have already taken the plunge. Ask what their experiences have been and what they wish they had considered before moving.  There are also a number of Visa-related and legal issues that you will have to sort out before you move.

Tri-Nations Migration can give you the clear-cut immigration advice you need. Contact us if you are thinking about immigrating to Australia or New Zealand – at any age.