What Is Australia’s New PR Visa Subclass 191 All About?

The Australian government introduced a new permanent residence (PR) visa earlier this year, in line with changes to its immigration laws and new regional skills visas. For South Africans seeking to live permanently in Australia, this new visa presents a number of important changes and opportunities.

The 191 visa can be applied for only by holders of the new 491 (for state or territory government-sponsored entrants) and 494  (for employer-sponsored entrants) regional skills visas. These visas came into effect only this month, which means that eligibility for the new PR visa will be delayed. As we have explained in a blog dedicated to the subject, the 491 and 494 visas are aimed at drawing skills into Australia’s regions, that is the areas outside of the major cities. Skilled workers have increased opportunities to enter Australia via the regions as a result of these new visas.

For those seeking permanent residence, the new 191 visa will not be applicable unless you already hold a 491 or 494 visa, and have done so for three years. If you successfully apply now for the 491 or 494 and then remain in Australia for three years, you can then put in an application for the 191 visa. This is why the new PR visa will only come into effect on 16 November 2022. 

So, if you’re looking to acquire permanent residence in Australia by way of offering skilled labour to the regions, you will have to first apply for one of the new entry visas with either employer or state/territory government sponsorship. Doing so successfully will then put you in the running for the 191 PR visa.

To find out if this is beneficial under your particular circumstances, contact Tri-Nations Migration. We can explain the new visas and updated processes to you and help you use them. 

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