Emigrating to Australia

Want to Study or Work and Live in Australia? Emigrating to Australia is Made a Simple Task with the help of Tri-Nations Migration

What you need to know about emigration: Are you interested in emigrating to Australia? If you are, then keep in mind there are various requirements that need to be met. Australia is largely a laid back country with a fairly classless society. In order to emigrate to the country, you will need to acquire a visa.


If you are considering making an international move to Australia, you will need the guidance and advice of a professional immigration company. Such assistance will have you provided with more information on the country, its medical schemes, job opportunities, study opportunities and more. You will also be assisted with completing the correct paperwork for the move.

Why Choose Tri-Nations Migration When Emigrating to Australia?

The Tri-Nations Migration team has in excess of 25 years of experience in providing professional immigration and emigration services to those looking to relocate to Australia. Emigrating to Australia comes with its various challenges especially when it comes to  employment and business and we will ensure you are assisted with understanding and obtaining the best possible opportunities for these. Our services don’t cease after we help you to emigrate. We will make sure you settle comfortably after immigrating to Australia.

Immigration Services Offered by Tri-Nations:

Intraplanetary Migration TM

We provide free visa assessments to see if you qualify for immigration in Australia. Our consultants will ensure you are advised on the various challenges of immigration and that you are educated on the benefits and opportunities too.

Intraplanetary Education

If you would like to emigrate to Australia to study, we will advise you on which courses will lead to sought after qualifications in Australia. Our consultants will assist you with deciding on a course and will provide you with advice on how to study as a foreigner in Australia.

Intraplanetary Relocation

Moving to Austrailia can be a daunting experience and if you would like assistance, we can advice on the following:

  • Accessing your annuities.
  • Transferring funds to off-shore accounts.
  • Selling of your current property.
  • Handling paperwork invovled.

Advising migrants since 1987 – Tri Nations Migration

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