Tips for Immigrating to Australia

Australia is a widely popular place to live, work and raise families. If you are immigrating to Australia, then take note of some of the tips from Tri-Nations Migration:

  • Don’t Get Confused About Rental Property Prices

One of the first things that many people learn is that property in Australia is pricey. But, make sure you understand how rental property prices are advertised in this country. More often than not, rental prices are advertised on a weekly basis online (instead of a per month rental price).

  • Get Your Tax Numbers in Order

You are not obliged to have a tax file number (TFN) in Australia, but you will be subject to higher tax rates if you don’t have one. This is particularly relevant to people who are planning on working in Australia. A TFN doesn’t cost you anything and you can apply for one online.

  • Get to Know the Lingo

If you can speak English then you won’t have to learn another language before immigrating to Australia, but you will have to learn the slang and the lingo. In Australia, asking someone how they are isn’t necessarily a question (it’s just another way of saying hello to someone). There are also several short abbreviations that Australians use. A mosquito, for example, is called a “Mozzie” and Australia is called “Straya”.

  • Get Your Visa Sorted Out

Before you start studying the ins-and-outs of Australian slang and start researching the home prices where you will be staying, make sure that you have your visa sorted out. You will need to apply for an Australian visa before you leave your home country.

Tri-Nations Migration can help you through the entire process. Contact us for more information today.

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