Bringing Families Closer: National’s New Parent Visa Boost

We at Tri-Nations Migration are thrilled to present the most recent immigration news out of New Zealand. Erica Stanford, the National Party’s immigration spokesman, has revealed intentions to streamline family reunions for immigrants living in New Zealand. To bridge the gap for families divided by distance, the proposed multiple-entry Parent Visa Boost seeks to make visits for parents and grandparents easier.

Specifics of the Boost Parent Visa

A flexible multiple-entry Parent Visa Boost, valid for five years and renewable for an additional five, is about to be introduced nationally. The limited alternatives currently available to parents and grandparents of migrants who are citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand are addressed by this project. The Parent Visa Boost offers a creative option for family visits, but it does not confer full rights of residence or citizenship as standard visas do.

Requirements & Sponsorship: To be eligible for the Parent Visa Boost, applicants must have a sponsor who is a New Zealand resident child or grandchild. This visa promotes family cohesion and support even if it does not give access to NZ Super or other benefits. To get your visa approved, you must meet the standard health requirements set out by Immigration New Zealand and have health insurance for your stay.

Helping Skilled Immigrants

Improving a migrant child’s integration into New Zealand society is achieved by allowing grandparents and parents to reside with them. The provision of childcare aid, stability, and emotional support is crucial in facilitating the ability of skilled migrants to make significant contributions to the community.

Tri-Nation Migration: Your Associative Immigration

We at Tri-Nations Migration recognise the value of harmonious families and easy immigration procedures. We aim to help families in South Africa take advantage of these new opportunities. Contact us to find out how the Parent Visa Boost can help you and your family settle in New Zealand. Allow us to assist you at every turn.

Note: The government of New Zealand must approve and implement the proposed Parent Visa Boost.