Australian Government to Increase Migration in 2023

Australia is in desperate need of skilled workers. The Australian government has bargained with the union movement as it aims to drastically increase skilled migration starting in 2023. Are you thinking of emigrating to Australia in 2023? It may be the best time to start your journey. Read on for more information.

What Are the Skill Shortages in Australia?

The Australian government has turned to migration to fill vacancies due to the shortage of skilled workers across various industries. Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor stated that the COVID-19 pandemic and a lack of skills and training have led to a major skill shortage in the country, with every industry falling short of skilled workers. He said that the government plans to resolve the acute shortage by working with unions, employer groups, and the labour government to fill vacancies. The Australian government intends to bring in 180 000–200,000 skilled workers per year to address the labour shortage.

Tradespeople, IT specialists, and aged care workers are among the most in-demand jobs requiring skilled migrants in Australia. Another focus of the government is the creation of jobs in the energy and climate sectors, as well as getting more women into male-dominated industries. Previously, migrant workers had to train and study for years just to work in Australia, which restricted their ability to enter certain fields. The Australian government is resolving this issue by implementing fee-free training programs for migrants to help them to gain the skills they need to enter industries requiring skilled workers. 

Are You Ready to Migrate to Australia?

Apart from the desperate need for skilled workers, the low unemployment and crime, and the beauty of Australia make it a popular country for emigration. There is also good news for higher-income earners looking to migrate to Australia. A major tax cut will be implemented in mid-2024 that is aimed at making workers’ lives better and aiding them with the rising cost of living. 

If you are thinking of emigrating, take a look at the list of skills in demand in Australia. The job market is sure to be competitive as jobs start to fill up, so it’s best to start your search early. Consulting an expert such as Tri-Nations will help you speed up the emigration process and start your life in Australia.

If you’re interested in Australian migration, give us a call today!

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