Immigration to New Zealand Possible with Quarantine

If you are thinking of emigrating, remember that this journey to get your residency approved from start to end normally takes about 8-12 months. The idea is to always start your migration journey 12 months before you would ideally like to end up in New Zealand. If you would like to be in New Zealand in the first quarter of 2021 then you would begin your application now. 

Immigration to New Zealand was brought to an abrupt halt with the advent of Covid-19. The fact that New Zealand has moved to Covid-19 alert level 1, with entry criteria continuously revised, is great news for everyone immigrating to New Zealand.  According to Immigration New Zealand, all arrivals will be tested for Covid-19 and a 14-day managed quarantine or isolation is mandatory. 

Globally, millions of people have already learnt to cope and adapt during the lockdown and the mandatory 14-day managed quarantine or isolation brings an opportunity to focus intensively on job search if you haven’t secured work yet, finalising interviews and company Skype meetings and resettling matters.  

Immigration to New Zealand strengthened with intensive job search 

The job search started before arriving in New Zealand, with a view to securing employment interviews upon arrival. This intensifies once in-country as job searchers must consider making themselves available for interviews in New Zealand, for a period of at least six to eight weeks, to improve their prospects of a successful outcome. 

Some of the things you will need to do ahead of your job search is prepare your CV/Resume according to acceptable country norms, sourcing a personal letter of introduction and preparing for the interview process. 

Resettling after immigration to New Zealand 

Resettling matters that require attention includes opening a bank account, applying for a tax number and driver’s licence and getting a local phone number, if not done prior to arrival. Whilst resettling you also have to adjust to the laws, rules and ways of doing things that are unique to New Zealand.  Immigration New Zealand offers “Tips for settling in”, highlighting matters generally already mentioned by the immigration adviser.

The time offered by quarantine/isolation means you and your family can decide what you will be focussing on once you are free to explore life in New Zealand. Matters to consider and talk through include: 

  • Understanding the emotional phases you may go through
  • How to manage feeling homesick
  • Ideas of where and how to meet new people
  • Volunteering in New Zealand
  • Get a feel for the customs and ways of communication in New Zealand
  • Learn more about Māori culture. 

Good news for South Africans wanting to return to New Zealand

In a statement published on 23 May 2020, South Africa’s Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi approved essential travel for South Africans wanting to return to the countries where they are based

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