Immigrating to New Zealand? Here’s How Long It Will Take to Get Your Visa:

Immigrating to New Zealand is a major step to take in one’s life, and as such, there are a lot of plans that need to be made before one packs up and leaves. Having a solid idea of when things will happen will help you plan accordingly. To this end, Tri-Nations Migration will assist in giving you a general time frame on how long visa applications take and all the steps involved in getting the paperwork ready to start your new life in New Zealand.

  • The Visa Application Process 

    The first step one must take when immigrating to New Zealand is to apply for a visa. Various visas cost different amounts, and the visa you require will be related to the life you intend to lead in New Zealand. A student visa (which allows one to study in New Zealand) can take up to 2,5 months to process. A work visa (which allows you to gain employment for a set period of time) can take up to 3 weeks  to process and a residence visa (which allows you to immigrate and work in New Zealand) require the longest time in terms of processing and can take up to 9 months to process, with the assistance of Tri Nations Migration.

  • Fees 

    Unfortunately, getting a visa is not free. Each visa application (regardless of whether it is approved or not) carries a fee. The fee is a variable amount, and it is dependent on the following:

    • The type of visa you applied for,
    • The time of year you applied in, and
    • The country of application.

Tri-Nations Migration will help you through the process and will assist in ensuring you get the best application possible.

Tri-Nations Migration 

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