Can I Immigrate To New Zealand Post-Pandemic?

Trying to immigrate to New Zealand now that it is safe for travel? With the country’s borders reopening, it is the best time to begin your migration process by getting a head start. Find out more information below on how Tri-Nations Migration can help you to start your new life in this beautiful country.

Can I Migrate To New Zealand?

New Zealand has announced that its borders will be reopening from May 1. The borders will be opened to visa-waiver travellers, tourists, and holders of valid visitor visas, with the rest to follow. The country will be processing visas that were previously put on hold before 2020. Although these requirements limit those from non-waiver countries, the reopening is good news for those looking to immigrate to New Zealand as you can now start your migration journey.

If you are vaccinated, you can enter New Zealand from anywhere in the world, without the need to quarantine provided that you meet the following conditions: 

  • You are a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • You are a skilled worker earning at least 1.5x the median New Zealand wage
  • You have a working holiday visa
  • Other eligible travellers from visa-waiver countries

Temporary work and student visa holders from anywhere in the world will also soon be allowed into the country. The country will eventually fully open visa applications in October 2022 but this may be sooner given its safe nature.

Get a Head Start On Your New Zealand Migration 

With New Zealand processing existing applications and reopening its borders, it is a good time to start planning your migration journey. Applications can take up to 6 months (or more) to go through especially with travellers from around the world waiting to enter this beautiful country. With its low Covid-19 death rates and guarantee of putting citizens’ health and safety first, the country is likely to see a lot of potential immigrants as borders reopen.

If you need help planning and getting your documents in order, Tr-Nations Migrations can provide you with assistance and ensure that you are ready to enter New Zealand. 

Call our teams to help you to immigrate to New Zealand as borders reopen!