Immigrate to New Zealand and Australia in 2022

You can soon immigrate to New Zealand and Australia. After two years of border lockdown, Australia has reopened to international travellers, while New Zealand is open to particular countries with a full opening expected in October. Both countries require vaccination status but soon visas will be easily approved so you can focus on your new life in New Zealand and Australia. Although these restrictions may change depending on the status of the pandemic, this is the best time to get your documents in order. We explain why below.

Start your immigration process to New Zealand and Australia 

New Zealand and Australia saw lengthy lockdowns and travellers are now rejoicing as borders open for travel. Families can now visit loved ones again and those looking to move to New Zealand and Australia are waiting to apply for their visas. Australia has already opened up its entry for those who are vaccinated – you simply need to prove that you are double vaccinated and undergo a pre-departure Covid test. New Zealand is opened up for travellers from particular countries on the waiver list, but all restrictions will be removed from October 2022 and the processing of visas will occur as normal. The country also requires vaccination proof and a pre-covid test and quarantine is no longer applicable for vaccinated travellers.

Considering how safe both countries were and continue to be, there are sure to be many travellers and flights into the country these upcoming months as borders reopen. With the ease of restrictions and freedom of travel, now is the best time to start your migration process. There might be a delay in visa applications as the countries start to receive an influx of applications so it’s best to get a head start and sort out your travel documents.

Tri-Nations Migration can get you to New Zealand and Australia 

Both New Zealand and Australia are popular destinations for migration due to the beauty of the country, safety for citizens, and good economy. Tri-Nations Migration specialises in emigration and immigration services for those wanting to immigrate to New Zealand or immigrate to Australia. You can count on our expert and licensed team to help you to collate the necessary supporting documentation. 

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