Immigrate to Australia as borders reopen

Ready to immigrate to Australia? Your dreams can now come true as borders are reopening to international travellers. When does the border open and how can you migrate to Australia? Read on for more info

Can I travel to Australia?

As of February 2022, Australia is allowing visa holders to enter the country without quarantine. The country was under strict restrictions for over 2 years due to the pandemic. The government took these strict precautions to keep its citizens safe. The result was a safer country with fewer deaths in comparison with other developed countries. 

To travel to Australia, you need to have a valid visa and meet certain travel rules such as the Australian regulations under being fully vaccinated for international travel purposes. Most states require you to be fully vaccinated, including a booster vaccination but you also require documentation to prove that you are vaccinated. If you can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons, you also need to prove this.

What COVID-19 documents are needed to enter Australia? 

According to the Australian government, you need documentation to prove that:

  • You meet all the vaccination requirements
  • You are fully vaccinated for international travel purposes
  • Documentation if you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons
  • Are a child under the age of 12
  • Are a child aged 12 – 17 years travelling with at least one adult who is fully vaccinated; or cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons

How to migrate to Australia?

Australia is a beautiful country and the government proved that it takes care of its citizens. Once you meet the requirements to enter the country, and if borders are fully opened, you can start applying for a visa. You need to ensure that you comply with visa restrictions and COVID-19 rules to enter so it’s best to choose an immigration advisor to help you out. 

Tri-Nation migration can help you to start your immigration process. We take care of your documentation and help you to get set up in Australia to make your move a little easier. 

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