How To Immigrate To New Zealand in 2022

The pandemic left us with a lot of uncertainty. If you find yourself asking “can I immigrate to New Zealand?”, we can help. Here’s when you can migrate to New Zealand and how Tri-Nations Migration can help you to get there.

When Is New Zealand Opening Its Borders?

In February, New Zealand started the process of opening its borders to New Zealand residents and Australians with New Zealand visas. It will gradually start opening its borders for critical skilled workers with working holiday visas and students with visas. Individuals will be subjected to certain border restrictions until October. A full list of the limitations can be found on the government website.

A full border opening will occur on October 22. It is an exciting time for those looking to immigrate as it means you can finally start planning your dreams to live in the stunning country. 

Why Immigrate To New Zealand?

Following the pandemic, New Zealand is still considered one of the safest and most rewarding places to live. The government took on extreme lockdown restrictions to ensure that its citizens remained safe from harm. As a result of its precautions, government actions, and excellent healthcare system, Covid-19 cases were low compared to other developing nations with only 135 deaths being reported. Immigrating to New Zealand will ensure that you and your family can start a new life in a beautiful and safe country. 

Other reasons to move to New Zealand include

  • Well-educated citizens and a flexible and multi-skilled workforce
  • Around 50 000 new jobs created per annum
  • A government-funded schooling system
  • High standards of building safety

How To Start Your Immigration Journey

Migrating to New Zealand has never been easier with Tri-Nations Migration. We have a team of professional and licensed immigration advisers that can help you to immigrate to New Zealand easily when you are eligible to enter the country. You can reach out to our team to apply for a New Zealand visa and we will take care of all the necessary documents for you and reduce the stress that comes with moving abroad. 

Give our team a call today if you are ready to immigrate to New Zealand!

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