Emigrate to Australia as The Job Market Blows Up!

Recruiters say the Australian job market is at its peak! There’s no doubt that this is the best time to emigrate to Australia and take advantage of all the jobs on offer. Find out more about the Australian job market in this blog.

The Best Job Market We’ve Seen

The pandemic did not hold Australia back. If anything, it created more jobs. In fact, as of July 2022, the unemployment rate was as low as 3,2% and is expected to drop even lower as the job market opens up to the world. Employees are desperate to hire new skilled workers in every field. There are even cases where employees are being given sign-on bonuses just to help them to recruit new staff. 

According to recruiters, this is the best time for those looking to enter the Australian job market. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t in Australia right now. The country needs skilled workers and has an estimated 420,000 unfilled vacancies. The border has opened to the world after two years of the pandemic as recruiters and employees are looking into hiring migrants to produce the skills that they cannot find locally.

How to Enter The Australian Job Market

If you want to emigrate to Australia, the time to start applying is now. The Visa process can take a while so it’s best to start early so you can start work as soon as possible. The Australian government has just increased the quota for migrants for the new year (from 146,000 to 195,000). The increase is to help fill chronic labour shortages by recognising trades and qualifications from more countries. Getting your documents in place now and understanding the migration process will help you to avoid delays. 

The best way to make sure your emigration process goes well and according to plan is to hire a professional emigration team to help you. The Tri-Nations Migration team has the best immigration advisers to help you. We will sort out all of your paperwork needed to emigrate to Australia and make sure you are ready to start work on time.

If you are looking to emigrate to Australia, or apply for an Australia visa, contact the Tri-Nations Migration team today!

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