Do you qualify (points) to emigrate to Australia?

Are you ready to move “down under”? Do you want to find out whether you qualify to immigrate to Australia? The Department of Home Affairs has a points system that determines whether you qualify for skilled migration to Australia. We have an easy guide to help you to emigrate to Australia. Read more here.

Who qualifies to emigrate to Australia?

  • To immigrate to Australia, you need to prove to be a skilled worker or have/will work in a job from a skilled occupation list. You can look at the skilled migration visa options from the Australian government.
  • If you are already a successful business owner, you can be nominated by a State or Territory to establish a business in Australia.
  • If you have a family member who is an Australian permanent resident, they may be able to sponsor you so that you can emigrate to Australia.

What’s required? 

To emigrate to Australia, you need to have the skills or qualifications that Australia needs. To establish that you have these skills, you need to apply for a skilled visa by the Australian Government or be nominated for a skilled visa by a State or Territory government. You can also be nominated for a skilled visa by an employer. You can take a skills assessment and prove that you have proficient English skills and other competencies needed for general skilled migration. 

Employees can sponsor their workers to emigrate to Australia if workers fit the qualifications, work experience, and skills needed.

What’s involved?

You need to read the rules for Australia carefully and understand what is required before you leap. Some visas may have a limit on the work you can perform in Australia and/or your hours. You need to visit a professional who can assist you with your safe and legal migration to Australia, as well as visit the Department of Home Affairs. The professionals and department can provide you with more information on the type of visa to apply to and how to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

The cost to undertake the application 

The price of Australian visas varies depending on the date of application. The amount is charged in 

Australian dollars (AUD). If you’re applying for yourself, you can use an estimator or pricing table to determine the amount you will need. If you’re being sponsored by an employer, you are likely to receive assistance with this, or you can use the help of migration services to make your move a lot easier.

Visa requirements

There are different requirements for each type of visa. The general list of requirements to emigrate include:

  • Candidates nominated to apply or be sponsored by a State or Territory government agency, or relative (if eligible)
  • Candidates to have an occupation on a skilled occupation list
  • Candidates to have the skills assessment for the occupation and satisfy the points for the test
  • To be a skilled worker in the region for 5 years. 
  • To live, work and study in Australia
  • To meet the age criteria, which differs according to the visa applied for

To find out if you qualify to emigrate to Australia or to make your move as easy and painless as possible, contact Tri-Nations Migration today!