Broaden Minds and Skills When You Study Abroad in Australia Or New Zealand

Are you considering studying in Australia or New Zealand? Both countries are renowned for their top-quality education systems and opportunities.

Some of the popular fields of study in New Zealand include:

  • Visual Communications,
  • Engineering, and
  • Tourism & Hotel Management.

Australia offers excellent courses and degrees in:

  • Information Technology,
  • Accounting,
  • Health Care, and
  • MBA diplomas.

Getting accepted for your chosen field of study is your first step in the right direction. In New Zealand, there are 10 levels of study. If you want to pursue a Ph.D., for example, you will be pursuing a level 10 course, while a certificate will be a level 1 course. An Honours Degree (Bachelors) is a level 8 course.

Virtually all the universities in Australia will require 12 years of pre-university education to study a course or degree. People from India need to meet a minimum language requirement if they want to study in NZ, but Australia will accept Indians if they have completed 12 years of pre-university education.

Each country has different attractions, costs of living and unique things to offer. Regardless of the country you choose, it is bound to be a life-changing experience that will broaden your horizons, mind and skillset.

Delving into the country-specific academic options is your first step in the right direction. Once you know where you want to study and what type of certification, diploma or degree you are going to pursue, you will need to get a study visa.

Tri-Nations Migration can simplify the process by helping you obtain your visa. We can also give you expert tips and advice to help you move to New Zealand or Australia to pursue your field of study. Contact us for more information today.