Australia’s capital cities: Where is it cheaper to live?

You’ve made the big decision: you’re immigrating to Australia! The next life-changing decision you need to make is: which of Australia’s beautiful cities do you want to call home?

With exchange rates brutalizing South Africans, we must be very careful that we get the most for our money when we emigrate, so the cost of living in various cities must be considered.

The cost of living in first-world cities is generally higher than in South Africa, so doing some extensive research into the cost of living in your chosen city is crucial.

Take a look at some figures for the average cost of living (in Australian dollars) for the major cities. Although the cost of living is higher, so are salaries e.g. Psychiatrists A$211k, Mining Engineers A$166k, Engineering Managers A$148k, Plumbers A$93k, Electricians A$100k and Diesel Mechanics A$102k. You may multiply these salaries by 10.7 to work out the Rand equivalent.


A one-bedroom city apartment rents for $1,837.59 (including utilities $2148.99), while a three-bedroom suburban apartment costs $2,270.00 or $2,551.40 with utilities. The basic grocery basket total is $68.54.


The total (rent, utilities, and internet) for a city one-bedroom apartment is $2,905.07; for a three-bedroom suburban apartment $3,368.69, while the same grocery basket comes to $70.30.


The total for a city one-bedroom apartment is $1,981.39; for a three-bedroom suburban apartment $2,246.25. The same grocery basket comes to $68.59.


Here you’ll pay $1,632.23 for the one-bedroom city apartment and $2,141.40 for the three-bedroom suburban one, with a basic grocery basket totaling $69.01.


A one-bedroom city apartment with utilities and internet totals $1,770; three-bedroom suburban apartment at $2,178.52. Your basic grocery basket totals $61.86.


Here, the one-bedroom city apartment will cost $1,626.18, the three-bedroom suburban apartment at $1,864.61 and the total for your basket is $62.55.


Over in Tasmania, a one-bedroom city apartment costs $1,747,78 and a three-bedroom suburban apartment: $2,162.90. The grocery basket costs $63.45.

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