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Emigration News: Want to Study or Work and Live in New Zealand? Emigrating to New Zealand is Made a Simple Task with the help of Tri-Nations Migration

Are you interested in emigrating to New Zealand? Moving to New Zealand to study or work and live is not something that you can decide to do overnight.  Emigration is something that can be quite daunting if you don’t know where to start. There are various requirements for studying and working in the country and you will need the assistance of a professional immigration company to assist you with meeting with those requirements and handling all of the applications and documentation correctly.

Moving internationally can be a great stress on each member of the family and so it is important to have complete peace of mind that your immigration process will run smoothly. With the help of Tri-Nations Migration, you can rest assured your emigration will be processed smoothly and you will be able to make educated decisions about your move.

Why Choose Tri-Nations Migration?

Tri-Nations Migration has 25 years of experience in helping individuals and families emigrate. We strive to present our clients with successful outcomes when it comes to immigration, employment and business. We don’t just stop at helping you emigrate, we genuinely want to ensure you settle down well when emigrating to New Zealand.

Immigration Services Offered by Tri-Nations:

Intraplanetary Migration TM


We will assist you to ascertain if you qualify to emigrate to New Zealand. Our professional consultants will explain the benefits and opportunities of emigrating, help you with understanding how to find work abroad and ensure your applications are correctly handled.


Intraplanetary Education


We will assist you to select studies for qualifications which can lead to permenant residency in New Zealand. Our professional consultants will help you to decide on a course to study and provide you with advice on how to go about studying in New Zealand.

Intraplanetary Relocation


When relocating we can assist you with the finer details of your international move, such as accessing your annuities, transfering your funds off-shore, selling your property and what paperwork is required when making an international move.

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