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Australian Government to Increase Migration in 2023

Australia is in desperate need of skilled workers. The Australian government has bargained with the union movement as it aims to drastically increase skilled migration starting in 2023. Are you thinking of emigrating to Australia in 2023? It may be the best time to start your journey. Read on for more information. What Are the Skill Shortages in Australia? The Australian government has turned to migration to fill vacancies due

Australia Welcomes Migrants to Address Labour Shortages

It is a “great job boom” year for Australia. There are more jobs than ever and due to the skill shortage the country is experiencing, migrant workers are now being welcomed. Looking to emigrate to Australia? Here are some reasons you should start planning your move.. Why are Jobs on The Rise? There aren’t a lot of skilled workers left in Australia to fill vacancies. It’s not due to the

Good news: New Zealand and Australia are open!

We have good news for those looking to immigrate to New Zealand or Australia. After a long lockdown and pandemic restrictions, both countries have opened their borders to international travellers. Although there are certain restrictions still in place, this is hope for those looking to start a new life in New Zealand or Australia. Here is what you need to know when planning your migration to either country. When does

Immigrate to Australia as borders reopen

Ready to immigrate to Australia? Your dreams can now come true as borders are reopening to international travellers. When does the border open and how can you migrate to Australia? Read on for more info Can I travel to Australia? As of February 2022, Australia is allowing visa holders to enter the country without quarantine. The country was under strict restrictions for over 2 years due to the pandemic. The

Australia is Finally Ready for Travel

There is great news for those looking to immigrate to Australia. The country, which saw strict lockdown and border closure for the past 2 years, is now reopening. As of 22 January, fully vaccinated international travellers are allowed to enter Australia again without the need to quarantine. Here is some important info you should know if you want to enter the beautiful country. COVID-19 rules to enter Australia  If you’re