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A Quick Guide to Different Worker Visa Options for Immigrating to New Zealand

For those thinking about immigrating to New Zealand, the different worker Visa options may seem slightly overwhelming. In an effort to simplify the information, we have put together this handy guide: Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa  If you possess the skills and experience within a sought-after occupation in New Zealand, you may be eligible to apply for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa. This will allow you to live and

What Are the Best Occupations for Getting a Job in Australia?

Thinking of immigrating to Australia? Wondering what your chances are of landing a Visa? One of the biggest determining factors is your profession. So, what are the top five professions currently in demand in Australia? Let us find out: Healthcare Workers and Professionals  If you work in the healthcare/medical industry, you are in luck. Australia is on the hunt for qualified nurses, optometrists and dentists, to name a few. Medical

Immigrating To Australia? 8 Essential Things to Do Before You Go!

Are you planning a big move to Down Under? Here are eight essential things you need to do before you immigrate to Australia:   Research, Research, Research A number of people who move to Australia are surprised to learn that not only do Australians drive on the left side of the lanes, but they also walk on the left side of the payment. In South Africa, many people cross the

Australia Wants SA STEM Skills

Australia is aiming to build up the nation by bringing SA STEM skills into the teaching system. But, what is the benefit and purpose of doing so? STEM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills are in short supply across the globe. First world countries such as Australia know that they need to up-skill their youth with these capabilities if they want an innovative, knowledgeable and prosperous nation.

How to Immigrate To Australia and NZ with Your Pets

Relocating to another country is a big deal. You would obviously want all of your family members – including your pets! – to come with you. Here is what you need to know about immigrating to Australia and New Zealand with your pets: The restrictions on moving a pet to Australia is far tighter than New Zealand. With both countries, however, pets are mainly limited to dogs and cats (so

Avoid Visa Scams with This Important Advice

Immigrating to Australia may seem daunting, especially with the number of fraudsters around these days. Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship has warned people that these scams come in all sorts of guises and often play on the victim’s fear of being deported. One of the recent scams, for example, involves people receiving a call from someone who allegedly works from an Australian department. The person will claim that there

Reasons to immigrate to Australia

Each person has their own reasons for making a big life change. When it comes to immigrating to Australia, however, there are a few common themes that many people cite as to why they made the move. Here are some of the top reasons. Ambitious immigration programme Australia has an immigration programme and they are actively looking for people who have scarce skills. Many trades and professions earn higher wages

Immigrating to Australia Or New Zealand? Here’s Your Moving Checklist!

When immigrating to Australia or New Zealand, it can seem like the to-do list is never-ending. Here’s a quick timeline-based checklist that can help you organise yourself and your family: 18 Months to Immigration Decide where you want to live: if you can’t visit the country at this time, do thorough research online, Research everything from the cost of living to what property and rental prices will be, Join expat

The Top Immigration Destinations in Australia And New Zealand For Nature Lovers!

Both Australia and New Zealand are popular immigration destinations. While there are many reasons why people choose to move to these countries, nature lovers are particularly thrilled about the natural beauty, fascinating wildlife and variety of fauna and flora in these regions. Here are some of the top immigration destinations in Australia and New Zealand for nature lovers: Melbourne, Australia This bustling city offers plenty of job opportunities, and it

Tips for Immigrating to Australia

Australia is a widely popular place to live, work and raise families. If you are immigrating to Australia, then take note of some of the tips from Tri-Nations Migration: Don’t Get Confused About Rental Property Prices One of the first things that many people learn is that property in Australia is pricey. But, make sure you understand how rental property prices are advertised in this country. More often than not,