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Will My Child Have the Best Education by Immigrating to New Zealand?

Many people who choose to immigrate to New Zealand do so with the intention of giving their children the very best education possible. In this blog post, we provide a bit of information about the fantastic school system in New Zealand. Types of Schools There are three different types of schools in New Zealand – public or state schools, state-integrated schools (which could include special character faith-based schools and private

Common Reasons Why Visas Are Refused When Immigrating to Australia

Many people want to visit Australia on holiday or even immigrate to Australia. If your visa has been refused, then you need to find out where you went wrong on the visa application form. Here are some of the top reasons why Australian immigration visas are rejected: • False or Incorrect Information You can be charged with visa fraud if you provide false information on your visa application form. Being

What’s the New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa All About?

Immigrating to Australia has always been a great lifestyle and career move for many young professionals looking to make their home in a safe environment with plenty of opportunities for growth. This has resulted in many people moving away from their home country and leaving their parents and grandparents behind. In an effort to make it easier for these family members to visit their children who have immigrated to Australia,


A view from another century Immigrants – TSS Captain Cook Where on earth are we going? A new land far away A better life for us he says God help me get through this day. Fragile paper streamers Hold all that is dear to me Soon to snap and break away Taking us over the sea. A ship full of hopeful faces Laughing and talking too loud Scared and frightened

Middle Earth – No Place Like Home

The amazing Pure New Zealand television commercial. 100% Middle Earth, 100% New Zealand Commercial

Where is best to be a working woman in the rich world

To mark International Women’s Day, The Economist has compiled its own “glass-ceiling index” to show where women have the best chance of equal treatment at work. Where is the number one destination? You guessed it, New Zealand. Follow the link below for further figures: The Economist: Where is best to be a working woman in the rich world?