Month: May 2022

Immigrate To Australia On A Permanent Work Visa

Do you want to immigrate to Australia on a permanent residents visa? Generally, this allows you to work and study in Australia, sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence, and apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years. But which permanent resident visas are available?  Regional Visas Regional visas are for skilled migrants planning to live and work in regional Australia. When you apply for a regional visa, you will work in

Immigrate To New Zealand By Fast-Tracking

Do you want to immigrate to New Zealand? A fast-track to residence pathway is now available based on the Green List. There is a shortage of people in certain occupations in New Zealand, and the Green List attempts to address this shortage. The aim is to make it easier for employers to attract and hire migrants for specific high-skilled, hard-to-fill occupations. Here are some of the occupations eligible for the