Month: August 2020

Can I Emigrate From RSA to NZ During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The short answer is that you will only be allowed to emigrate to New Zealand if you are deemed to be travelling for a critical purpose. So, if you and your family have gone through the lengthy process to make the move from South Africa, you might have to be patient for a while longer if you or your spouse are not critical workers in the health, construction, civil engineering,

Emigrating to Australia: Comparing the 189, 190 and 491 Work Visas

If you’re looking at emigrating to Australia, you might be able to do so under the general skilled migration category. There are three different types of skilled migration pathways for Australia under this category. Let’s explore the different requirements for each and establish how they might assist your residency needs.  Two of these visas offer permanent residency, while the subclass 491 category usually helps individuals bridge a gap period in

Immigration to New Zealand Possible with Quarantine

If you are thinking of emigrating, remember that this journey to get your residency approved from start to end normally takes about 8-12 months. The idea is to always start your migration journey 12 months before you would ideally like to end up in New Zealand. If you would like to be in New Zealand in the first quarter of 2021 then you would begin your application now.  Immigration to