Month: October 2018

Questions About Immigrating to New Zealand: What Is the Investor 2 Visa Category?

Immigrating to New Zealand can seem like an insurmountable task filled with applications, forms, documents and long waiting periods. As migration specialists, Tri-Nations Migration has helped many people move to New Zealand.   A number of our clients enquire about the Investor 2 visa category when researching their options to immigrate to NZ. The minimum requirements for this visa are: You have to have at least three years business experience

Immigrating To Australia? 8 Essential Things to Do Before You Go!

Are you planning a big move to Down Under? Here are eight essential things you need to do before you immigrate to Australia:   Research, Research, Research A number of people who move to Australia are surprised to learn that not only do Australians drive on the left side of the lanes, but they also walk on the left side of the payment. In South Africa, many people cross the