Month: February 2018

Qualified Teacher? New Zealand Wants You!

Many qualified teachers from all parts of the globe immigrate to New Zealand. Not only is New Zealand’s education system top-notch, but the picturesque landscape, native bushes, and amazing outdoor life that the country offers make it a coveted place for professional teachers. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) put New Zealand in the top 20 nations for the quality of the country’s schools in 2015. Teenagers in

Immigrating to Australia Or New Zealand? Here’s Your Moving Checklist!

When immigrating to Australia or New Zealand, it can seem like the to-do list is never-ending. Here’s a quick timeline-based checklist that can help you organise yourself and your family: 18 Months to Immigration Decide where you want to live: if you can’t visit the country at this time, do thorough research online, Research everything from the cost of living to what property and rental prices will be, Join expat